Saturday, October 24, 2009


ok right now i will say randomly weird and crazy words Ice cream. Box. t.v. Beer. Acne. kittys. rainforest. equipment. microscopic. anthropomorphism. Ducks. pretty flowers. walking pumpkins. feather. BOOM. electronico. garnier fructise. poodle rooster. maxamillion. magical talking objects. redheads. Italian ppl. Made in china. corridor 711. resin. control alt delete. apple c. scooters. spring foward. fall backward. musica. production. bugs. coolio. spanish. ppl. dogs. kites. collage. floating frogs. corvettes. purple. awesomeness. pugs. mud. columns. leg. statue. jennifer. 7 11 2 5 7. meat is good. take that vegetarians. birdy. camera. green. yahooooooooo. italic. ok. magic. Minnesota. yellow. Miami. iris. story board. Anna. pink. stunt double. brother. french fries. russia. yellow submerines. Lucy. dream catcher. dert. vortex. eiffel tower. phone. back in the u.s.s.r. sunglasses. save now. monetize. raybans. curtains. pillow. sandal. cat. guessed. piano. desk. blue. twix. mardi gras. Olivia. scarecrow. peace. 19054. haircuts. palm tree. black. ruler. pencil sharpener. options. bluberry lumps. layout. Alice. tshirt. sing. mythology. harry pooter. dashboard. 2007. thursday. star. lizard. pluto. Elizabeth. uncle. 7. grade. world. door. rug. shadow. boogie. round. snake. soul. persons. paper. necklace. heart. I.generation. buildin a rocket. options. binder. wall. white out. grandma. laptop. bracelet. watcha doin. clique. skittles. ok now i'm done. hope you like this version of .......... RANDOMIZE!

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