Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dorkmiester post... yes another oneI

Hey again! Well today in the band room, I was bugging Dorkmiester about doing the moonwalk again :D and he was like "You are making Alen (or Alan or Allan you know what I mean he hasn't told us how to spell it. oh btw ya that's his real name) very angry. grrrr." and me and Anna were like wateva. UNTIL he started following me so like last time i had to run out of the band room. I forgot how i lost him but i think when I went back in the band room I got there before him and I hid behind some steal drums and then ran out through the other door. Then Olivia told me Anna was lookin for me and I was like oh great he's already lookin for me in there how can i get past him. So when I walked I saw him walking the other way and i was like PHEW lokl. thank goodness Anna was walkin my way so we ran out of there and went to homeroom. But I was happy that day and I'm guessing so was he cause I didn't bug him for like a minute when he did the moonwalk the first time lokl. Ya that's pretty much it. Have great days ppls! Oh and still, I need ideas for a halloween costume!

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