Monday, October 26, 2009

Gettin locked in a locker.

Today there was this sixth grader that was trapped in one of the trombone locker and since they are HUMONGEOUS and can fit like two people he got trapped so when he finally got out i'm like HMMMM I WONDER HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN THERE and i thought only Anna was around so i got in but then dorkmeister comes out of nowhere and he tried to lock me in. i was almost locked but i stuffed my foot in the between the door and the wall so he couldn't lock it and then Anna was joking like, I WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF SHE ACTUALLY GOT LOCKED IN THERE AND THEN IN LIKE FIRST PERIOD SHES LIKE 'MR.H HELP ME OUTTA HERE. by then i was completely freaking out so i had to promise dorkmeister that i'd leave him alone. if only he knew that i was most definatly NOT gonna do that. so we got outside and went to say hi to our friend David and then i feel these hands on my shoulder and since hes like a BUNCH taller than me i turn around and there's like a huge sky scraper there. so we ran away to home room. goodness. everyday i'm chased by a new person.

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