Saturday, October 24, 2009


So a couple of days ago in drama, we were playing improv. which is well you know, you make it up as you go. K so my friend, Yaundry, ya I know, it sounds like laundry but who cares, hes cool like that, anyways, our skit was based on that we were both morning talk show hosts. Now most of you know by know that it's my LIFELONG dream to become a talk show host so this was super fun for me. So he was like GOOD MORNING AMERICA. I'M BOB AND THIS IS- and then i was like LOLA! duh you know it's my fake name that i ah-dore. Anyways we started talkin bout green stuff, so he was like YES KIDS YOU SHOULD EAT YOUR BRUSSEL SPROUTS! EVEN IF THEY DO SMELL LIKE PUKE AND TASTE EVEN WORSE! THEY ARE THE BEST THING IN THIS WORLD. so of course i HAAAAD to bug him so i asked the drama teacher if we could cut for a second and then i went to the cafeteria and asked them if i could have some brussel sprouts. I know, i'm evil. So i go back and i'm like ACTION and then i was like SO BOB, IF THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD FOR YOU WHY DON'T YOU SHOW THE KIDS AT HOME HOW GREAT THEY ARE BY TASTIN SOME? so i gave him the brussel sprouts and then he actually looked like he was gonna (A) either burst out cursin or (B) start pukin. so i said REMEMBER BOB, THIS IS A PG RATED SHOW cause i thought he was goin with a. i was right. so every time he tried to curse, before he did i went BEEP. so when we were done not only was the entire class crackin up but i had said BEEP like 50 times. lokl. Ya. it was definatly funny. anyways. I've gotta go. talk to you guys later! byes!

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