Monday, October 26, 2009


k Anna sent me this pic and she also blogged bout it. and i have to say..... it is the best pic EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it. has my favorite things, the colors green and blue, alice and wonderland which is the awesomest movie and book eva, and funnyness. cause i have to say that it was pretty hilarious because aligators and or crocidiles should never, i repeat, NEVER, wear dresses. Love it. So ya, i know i've said a bunch of times to different pictures that it is my fav but for this one i actually mean it. BEST PICTURE EVER IN THE WHOLE IN ENTIRE GALAXY! INCLUDING THE MILKY WAY. if you are a dummy and don't get it then..........TOO BAD! lokl jk. anyways, just wanted to say that i love the pic. kays. byes.

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