Friday, April 9, 2010


This is the 105th post. Really random lmfaoo.

Oh I don't know if I told you but today my teacher went on some field trip and we had two lunch waves :D happiness!!! I heart having two lunch waves btw. It's so fun cause you see the friends that you don't have lunch with. But today this was a fail because my friends went on the fieldtrip too. Fail huh? Oh and I found a lifeless friend. I'm not sure if i told you but my frans Jenny and Julianna have lifeless friends that talk to them every two friends. And both of their lifeless friends have names that start with J. But my lifeless friend has a name that starts with E. So I had to change his name to Joe. Go Joe! My lifeless friend! lmfaoo. Well Imma goo!!! Hearts!!!! <33333

The votee

Well the results are in and the winner isssss........................ suspenseful music........................drumroll please!!!!!!!! personal diaryy!!!! but that was a fail. an epic fail. cause that's what this blogg yes. whoever voted for that and didn't notice that that's what this blogg is. FAIL. EPIC FAIL. So because of that loser who voted to break it. Imma have to create another poll to find out what the next blogg will be. And the entries for the next poll with tying votes will be:
My Hobbies
Cool Random Poems and random weird but cute stuff
Random Stuffffff

So please vote. If you don't understand english and have actually not read this whole entire paragraph. I shall put it in espanol.
Vote para la proxima blogg.
Okay so it wasn't supreme spanish but heyy! I tried!!!
lol kkayss imma goo! hearts!!!! <333

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter (:

Happy Easter everyone, even though I doubt anyone even reads this. I mean there are bazillions of blogs on blogspot. Well if you are reading this, comments? I feel like the longer I have this blogg, the less popular its getting. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Whatever. I'm pretty sure this is my 103 post. And I'm so excited cause I got family coming over today, cause It's easter and I don't know if I told you guys, but I'm gonna be an aunt!!! My brothers having a baby :DD So excited. So Imma see him and his gf today and theyre bringing the nephew for a dip in the pool.....not sure how thats gonna work out. its still pretty cold. W.e. and laters Anna, Julianna, Jennifer, and Karina are coming so im sooooo freaking happy. haven't seen most of them in a while. So todays gonna be a good day, maybe we'll post laters with one of our crazy posts. YOu know what? I sound more mellow today, but I'm not sure why. And honestly, I'm not sure I like it. Ugh. what's wrong with me latly?!?! w.e. talk to you guys laterss!! hearts!! <333

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I just realized that my last post was my 101st!!!! AAAAAAH!!!! well I finally made it!!!! So yes. I will make another blogg (lahve saying that) at 107. this is one-oh-two so we gotta keep counting!!!! So excited!!! hmmm....what should I make the new one about? Any ideas? If so, comment. Or vote on my new poll!!!! SO EXCITED :DDDDD gonna go!!! hearts!!!


Well, I've been thinking that I really should be posting everyday. It would really help me to get more followers, which was never really the thing i was interested in in the first place. I think that posting everyda-APRIL FOOLS!!! aw come on. No one ACTUALLY expected me to post everyday now did they? I mean, it's been over a month since I posted last. Lots has happened. But there's way too much stuff going on to post it all in one post, so I won't tell you. I'll just skip it. As it comes up, I'll explain. So yea, me and Anna and Lexi went to the fair the other day. FUN. lmfaoo. yuppie. It was pretty fun. they had good rides. But the one we all got sick on- the littlest babiest ride called the spiders. I find this surprising for girls who ride wicked roller coaster. lmao. And while we were on that ride, Ana had to sit with this little five year old boy because it was a two seater ride and Lexi and I sat together. Anyways, whenever they got up really high and started spinning, the little boy would say "WOULDN'T IT BE SCARY IF THE RIDE BROKE AND WE FELL AND DIED!?!?!" isn't that pleasant? Now, we went to the fair on wednesday, wouldn't there be school you ask? NO!!! cause it's spring break baby!!!! lol. And on tuesday, we went to the zoo and we heard these two little kids saying funny stuff. the one we were proud of: random little kid: MOMMY LOOK!! ITS AND UNDERWEAR!!! random mother: NO HONEY! THATS A CONDOR!!! random little kid: NO!! ITS AN UNDERWEAR!!!! little kid we were not so proud of: other random little kid: MOMMY LOOK!!! IM A VAMPIRE BECAUSE MY SKIN SHINES IN THE SUN!!!! yea. what in the world is twilight teaching these children?!?! that's just not right. lmfaoo. so excited for sunday. Not cause it's easter. But because Julianna, Jennifer, and Karina are coming over :) happiness. cause i get to hang out with all mi biffles before going back to school. lmfaoo. talk to you guys soon. hopefully I'll remember to post. Remind me by commenting!!!!! hearts!!