Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Climbing up to my 100th post!

Hey ppl! wats up? Ya were almost at our 100th post! this is the 61st right now soo there are 39 more to go! Yay! We'll finish up at christmas! whoo hoo! Okay people I have a question for you. Am I really that crazy? LOL. I hope not. But I think it's pointless to be normal. Normal people are boring and borings no fun! Anyways I hope you saw Anna's post bout Dorkmeister locking me in a soundproof room. I have to say that was pretty fun. Then Ivan came in (Ivan's my buddy.) and started pokin the glass and I could here them talking and they couldn't hear me (duh soundproof room) and he was like "Wait she can't hear me right?" And I screamed "YA I CAN!!!!" at the top of my lungs and he was like "Sweet! Hey Maddie your hairs gonna b messed up when you come out!"(He enjoys messing up me and Anna's hair) and i was like " WTF Shut the freak up! No its not if I have anything to do bout it!" But he still couldn't hear me (duh again) so if you want the rest of the story go to Anna's blogg (oh I love sayin that) !!!!!

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