Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shame on me

I should be ashamed of myself for being such a bad blogger but really, let's face it, google blogger isnt all that fahmazing anymore. at the beggining it was cool but I'm going to make a new blog on tumblr which is a much better blogging site than blogger. Elizabeth has one so she got me into it. Ya its going to be better than this! I might even actually remember to blogg on that one lol. But anyways, since this is all i have for now, I shall blogg. I'm so happy since i got myself a new phone. Yup. Since my old one is jacked up, we wrote all over it. lol. It was fun. anyways my classes are a blast except for spanish and math. Spanish because last year the teacher was a hilarious sweet heart and now shes evil. math because i have to go in for tutoring at 6:30. Thats early. really early. so it sucks. But lifes been good. I lost my ipod at school so i got an Ipod Touch. It is FAHMAZINGG!!! love it to death. ummm....ya my phone is a samsung flight. its pretty awesome. full keyboard and a touch screen. mmhmm. gosh! havent blogged since christmas. i'm so ashamed of myself :( whatevverr. I have nothing to do so i was looking on the internet and i was like "hmmm what did i used to do when i was bored and had nothing to do????" then i remembered i had a blogg. lol ya so i posted. I'm texting ppl right now. like Anna, my new friend Alan (not dorkmiester), eliza, you know, people. ya. so i'll talk to you derffs later! luv ya! hearts <3

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