Tuesday, February 9, 2010


To most of you derf is only the number between five and six. But little do you know! It has a new meaning. Me and my friends call each other derffs instead of dorks cause, well, you know, it sounds better. So today in Homeroom, it was extended cause we had to write an essay, we had to write it on a character we like. I wrote it on Alice from wonderland. But my friend, the one that insists on calling me "Awesome" instead of my real name, dared to be different. She wrote it on Mickey from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But somehow, for the rest of the day, we ended up singing the Little Einstiens theme song. And today in gym we walked a mile :P but i didnt have to do it today which makes me very happy :D I remember last year when we came 1 minute short from having to rewalk it. Ah. Memories...lok anywaysssss.......life is good :) byess derffss!!! <33 hearts!!

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