Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mi new title

Okay. Do you love it or do you hate it? btw i want someone to guess which one i am. NOT YOU ANNA!!! YOU ALREADY KNOW!!! anyways that's mi frans Eliza and Abby :) theyre mi besties. other than you know, Anna and Olivia. Omfg idk why but i just thought of how like in kindergarten shut up was a bad word and the biggest dilema was when someone stole your crayons. lmfaoo. I'm like on Mlia right now. For all you losers that don't know what that means, it's my life is average which is like the best website ever!!! jk btw. I heart you guyss!!!! ugh i really want a tmblr. anyways its kinda weird how i'm dissing blogger on blogger lmfaoo. its so funny. Anyways now Anna's telling everyone to ask me where Tibet is because if you recall, i said it was in the arctic circle. she's not telling anyone what i said (thank gawd) but shes telling them to ask. :P watevessss. so the other day i was talking to mi fran Elise, which really idk why but we call her effie (in the good way!!!), and i said lamo instead of lmao so now the proper term is lamo instead of lmaoo. And then me and Anna started to freak her out by saying the same things at the same time. It was HILARIOUS lamooo. Watchin nigahiga. its like the best thing in the world. Especially, I'm a chingsta, Ninja melk, the stalking mangina, and i broke my nexus 1(the ending really happened). So check em out. I'm gonna put them on mi page so don't worry. OMFG!!! what i wanted to be a really tiny post turned into something fuhmongeous!!! anyways i gtg!! byesss!!! hearts!!! <333

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