Wednesday, November 11, 2009


this is the game where i say random stuff. in 3. 2. 1. dropper. olive oil. real estate. hobos with shopping carts. people putting up christmas decorations before halloween. mulch. toes. Buddha. dead birds. silver. prurty colors. droppin phones in the toilet. the zoo. picking lions' noses. gangsta scarecrow. italian butt-kicking friends that drink beer. tomatoes in books. marble showers. countin to 100. Aladin. pants. elvis. Wow that's an ugly bathroom. Magical talking objects.dogs. hogs. hags. bogs. rhyming. Magical pillow people. Charlie Brown. Good Grief. spraying people with spray alcohol (no we are not drunkards. it's this thing in the band room to clean instruments. like rubbing alcohol.) stealing itouches from friends that should not trust me (like Ivan). Not being mean, just you being a sissy. hot tub. Drug dogs going up to Alice (is there something you want to tell us?) work out videos. spilling coke on my bed. getting me spilling coke on my bed on video. turkeys on dry erase boards. turkey bowl. stalkers. flashlights. Anna pressing a button and sitting back while the piano magically plays itself (she's a wizard). missing certain people (not you you jerks jk! you know i lohve you. well unless you know like i dont). being bored. pink panthers. stacy and clinton on what not to wear. hollywood. viva las vegas. chicken dance! my status on my aim is Lohvin Life. flowers. winter. learning how to skateboard and falling over and over and over and well you get the picture. firefighter. all you need is Lohve. Alpha acadamy. the saying of my hippie language arts teacher (her saying is 'in a nutshell' and she says that for EVERYTHING! total hippie. in the bad way). $5,000. tie dye (is it spelled like that?). pluto. leather and chains. dress up shoes. church pants. issues! me gusta pollo!pollo es bueno por corazon! (Olivia's hit song Pollo y Corazon. the lyrics mean-i like chicken!chicken is good for the heart!).

Ok everyone that is the end of randomize 2 return of the randomess. i hope you liked the post! don't they get crazier every time? (btw this is post 84th post! I'm gettin there!)

THE END(for now)

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