Thursday, November 26, 2009


Sorry I haven't been posting in forever but just so you know..... I'M WISHIN ALL OF YOU PEOPLE IN THE WORLD A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! we all have something to be thankful for. I'm thankful for my family which includes my two dogs and four fish, my amazing awesome fantastic friends and bffls!!!, having fun everyday, my flatscreen and laptop, getting good grades in school, being on my gold turkey bowl team which was postponed because of rain :(, going shopping, the thanksgiving day parade which i am missing :(, and everything i have. So today this morning i went to go serve food for people....gosh! I am sooo sick of cranberrys right now!!!!! wouldn't you be if you scooped a billion little bottles full of cranberrys!!!!! And Anna was there so after we were done we had a little police training. we were eating doughnuts and drinking coffee lol. AAAAAHHH!!! IT'S GIANT DORA!!!!! sorry....watching the parade. Can't wait till Christmas cause were goin to see the parade over then. Ya... my fam is comin soon. We're always the one that holds all the events. My uncles are comin, my sis, my bro (I'm the youngest), my cousin and her boyfriend :P no offense or anything to him but ya... I've never met him, my other cuz, my grandpa and weerdo uncle, maybe my aunt. You know! the whole gang! anyways watching the parade! goin to help my mom with the apple pie and maybe 27 others! talk to you people later!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!

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