Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey there! sorry i havent posted in sooo long! i was lost in the jungle trying to find that rare butterfly that i posted bout earlier! So here's the latest topic, school! whoopdedoo! lol. so anyways... yea schools here. I'm thankfully in technology and not p.e. right now!:) and I'm gettin braces :(. but i've had em before so wateva. so ya the other da me and anna were joining p.r. hawks which is like the school's club for the student body presidents and stuff like that. And then you know like fifty ppl are there just cuz they know you can get community service hours from this. Soo im lookin around and i see a ton of ppl and you know. and then like this lady's screamin at us and me and anna are like wth???!!! so then some dude keeps talkin to us and were like ya wateva. And then we were all voting for the representitives for all that stuff (i didn't go but if i would've i would've won) and we were jokin round with our friend Micheal that he was gonna run for the treasurer and stuff and then when they went for it he actually went up it was, hilarious!!!! his speech was- ya i wanna be treasurer because i like money and i want to count money and um ya i like money and that's why you should vote for me! it was HILARIOUS! so wateves gtg to school soon so ttyl!

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