Sunday, August 30, 2009


sry i havnt posted in sooooosoooooosoooooosoooo in like on week long. lol. anyways. most of you have seen the wizards of waverly place movie now!!!!! if you havent, hurry up and see it NOW!!!!!! it was ah-mazing! nyways, idk if it was obvious to you but it was obvious to me that alex was go- oh wait if you havnt seen it im probably ruining the surprize. lol. so anyways... it was an AH-MAZING MOVIE!!! so watch it now!!! but before you do i have somtin to say.....its very sad but its true........ im gettin braces :(. but im gonna have a purty smile after :D so its all good. im gettin them next week so wish me luck!!!!!! :) oh and i went ice skatin this weeek!!!! for my buddy Alex's bday and sunny was there sooo then her dad tryed to skate so heres a pic of sunnys dad tryin to skate. you know what i him credit....he did pretty good. well anyways i gotta go! byes!


  1. oh dont take this d wrong way but i hate ur background

    :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :)

  2. Hi lola! Come join the fun at my 100th post scavenger hunt!