Sunday, August 2, 2009

Omg I forgot to fill you ppls in on what I did on vacay! I'm such a bad blogger. :( Anyways well we went to disney a doy. and then we went to the beach. And guess what on my bday my sis took me to see demi lovato! One word. AWESOME!!!! Especially the intro with Jordan Pruitt and David Archuleta (I think that's how you spell it I hope) So now I'm totally obsessed with the cd. And my parents made me the most AmAzInG bday cake look doesn't that look cool??? It's candy land. My friends were happy that I made that!!! Lolz anyways I'm going away from the subject for a sec... Guitar Hero is coming in a special edition of the

Beatles!!!!! Sooo excited well anyways hope you have a great rest of the summa since you know it's august already! byes!

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