Saturday, July 25, 2009

PARTAYYY!! <33333

heyyyyy im back!! dont u remmeber me its jennifer aka jenny aka jen aka jen jen aka strawberrylumps with my buddy u all know drum roll please......... the one and only BLUBERRY LUMPS aka maddie aka mad aka mads with our special guest anna woot woot!!! wait wait i forgot mads special nick name issssssssss u if u dont remember then ur a moron itss MUMBOO!! <3333333333333333................................. NOW MADS IS GOING TO TAKE OVER BUT DONT WORRY I WONT LET HER BORE U TO DEATH IM GOINGTO BE MAKING SUGGESTIONSSS now its mads.....Heys ppls! Yols to all of you and if you don't know what yols is then your crazay! Lolz that means yolas. Sooo you know like I'm here with strawberry lumps and anna and were like trying to figure out wat to do. So like my status for my messanger Is just woke up which makes no sense since it's the afternoon but wateves i don't wanna change it. So I've got another story for all you ppls. K so like This week I had to Go to some place. Idk wat it's called and like That guy from the last story that had rainbow colored bunny ears and was really fat u know u remember that was 457 pounds but i saw him again and he gained more weight now hes 894 pounds i know hes really fatttttt and obese he can hardly walkkkkkkkk ok on with the story.... So like you know how he had the churasco last time. Well I this time He had a bowl of salad on his head instead of a hat so I think hes tryin to watch his weight. So I went over there to tell him that it wasn't going anywhere but then he threw up and put it on his head and what i thought was salad was puke so like i almost puked myself. So then I backed away very sllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwllllllllllyyyyyyy. Like in slow motion and then i bumped into jenny ok now over to her part of the story. heyy im back again ok so maddie being so un careful bumped into me what a loser ok but this time it was good i bumped into the guy of my dreams the first thing i noticed was his great hair and sense of fashion ok well we were talking and he has a hoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbbbbbbblllllllllleeeee persoonality and his voice sounds like a rubber duckyy u know like the ones that i take a shower with wait u wouldnt know that forget i said thattttt. im sure u dumb people take a shower with them to anyway back to the story ok then i was like later loser and he was likeeee nooooooooooooooo dont leave me i love you and i was like watecer bye and that was thattttt............... now annas goingt o tell u a very not so interesting storyy well i think shes kinda a boring presonally but ill help her out telling a great story she wont bore u guys to s=death now over to anna.......ok hi pplz yols like ok we ahve an interuption mads hit jenny on the head softly and then said u couldve had a v8 and then she just fell and then everyone started cracking upp lololololololol ok now back to the story..... im back so anyways i dont no y jenny says im boring thx alot jenny im rite here u no! ok so like anyways maddy keeps doing the stupid V8 so Jenny is takling maddy and maddys hangign from her bak and sayin aye chihuahua ok so yesterday i was at a place and i saw the fat 894 pound guys brother and his brother is sssooooo strange he hit me in the back with fruit salad so i was like dude wtf now ill have grape on my freakin vertebrae and and then he just like went over 2 sum other freakin fat guy who i guess was his pop cuz he was freakin old and fat just like churrasco and fruit salad dude and his pop was like beatin up sum toddler with frozen yogurt and the kid was like aaaahhhh mommy and crud like that and then his mom comes over and shes like omg y r u beating up my son with frozen yogurt and then churasco dude comes over and they freakin sat on her and she was all like aaaahhhh i cant breath and stuff like that that no one cares about and the kid was like mommy aaaahhhh and then the mall cops or i guess grocery store cops or wateva cum and theyre like get off her so the dudes got off but not before beating the cops with some random salad that they like pulled outta nowhere and i was like wtf wer da hek did they get tha freakin salad and then i like had no idea until i read maddys freakin post up there and now im kinda grossed out bcuz sum landed in my mouth and i didnt think much of it till now so now i wanna make salad if u no wat i mean so byes i gotta go make salad byes from evry 1 me and bluberry and strawberry lumps ok so watev bye u stinkin idiots! ok soo that was pretty disturbing and discustingggg!!!!!!Well we got to go jump off some cliffs with Jenny's new bffl Henry Linux the magical antarctican Penguino you know since he's a boy. G byes losers of the world jk. I loves yous ppls! Byes!

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