Saturday, July 4, 2009

that was fun!!!

So on the Fourth Anna came over and we went in the pool and then went outside and you know did regular stuff. But when we went outside it got a little crazy! While me and Anna were using some sparklers I saw a plastic bag on the ground. So I set it on fire. I didn't know it was actually going to burn! So I tryed to put it out with my shoe. And I partially burned my shoe and it didn't even go out! So then my mom came over and dumped the water from the water bottle on it. It was so funny! Man, I messed up. BUT THAT WAS FUN!!!! lolz talk to you peoples later! Happy Fourth of July! btw the fireworks were really good! btwbtw my bday is next week so comment me happy bday! btwbtwbtw I got burned from fireworks two times and hurt so bad. btwbtwbtwbtw that happened to Anna too! Happy Fourth of July from me and Anna!!!!! byes!!!!

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