Friday, September 25, 2009

The bowels of the classroom

So Hey ppls!!!!! So i wanna tell you about ppl in our school. K so we were buggin this dude Alex which we enjoy calling dorkmiester. anyways we were puttin fake locks on his locker, I don't know why he got so mad! I mean we didn't even lock them! So then he walks over gets a lock and LOCKS our locker(this is not like a locker like for books It's a locker in the band room and Anna takes band and I practice my flute after school (we both play flute)) So we have to go get the teacher to unlock the stupid thing! So the next day I put a locked lock there and he somehow has the combination. I was dissapointed bout that. Anyways, Thats all for now! I'll Fill you In on the rockband stuff asap! KK! Byes!


  1. i read ur title and was like WTF?!

  2. idk the word bowels was in my head. I was watchin icarly

  3. well we have a lock bowel in band room. i play the tuba!