Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What to do when bored:

Hey it's Mads! Do you ever get bored over the summer? Well I've found some things that you can do.

-blink wildly and then close your eyes tightly for a light show
-see how long you can hold a note
-try not thinking about penguins
-pretend your a robot
-scratch yourself
-rate passersby(I think I have to describe this one. You rate people on how they look, like their clothing and stuff on a scale of one to ten as they walk by. Fun to do with friend)
-repeat the same RANDOM word over and over until it loses it's meaning
-pinch yourself
-make star trek door noises
-get yourself as nauseated as possible
-while watching TV repeat everything with an accent
-have a water gargling contest
-have a who is less competitive competion
- pick up your dog so he can see more of the house from your point of view
-talk about nothing
-draw ugly people families( this is one of my own. You will start talking about nothing and realize nothing is something and then!...well it's fun come on trust me! And when you draw ugly people families you'll be suprised just how CREATIVE you and your friend are)
AND THAT MY FRIEND'S IS WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR BORED. I got these from a website I found online and remember to be safe when your doing these. Be carful! Not that you'll get hurt I'm just saying that there are alot of idiots in this world. Not that your an idiot or anything it's just that.....I think I'll shut up now.

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