Friday, May 15, 2009

Hey people of the earth that are not hobos, unless you are a hobo on a computer which would be wierd, anyways. Hi my name is Madeline but I always wished my name was lola and this is my first blog! I was talking to my friends Anna and Elizabeth the other day and we are going to make a movie! It's gonna be the Wizard of Oz but not really. You see, the thing is we are going to change it to the Whisky of Oz. we already got a lot of our cast from school. We were going to keep it on the dl but I think this is a great way to get publicity. We are going to try and get dreamworks or something to maybe actually make it into a movie. Not disney, they would hate the movie, they only make teeny bopper movies. And anyways, if we gave it to disney, our soundtrack would be all Hannah Montana songs, LAME! It's not that i have anything against disney, i love disney! It's been my altime favorite place! And i love the tv channel too! But their movies have been kind of lame lately. I mean, a movie about a school mascot? Anyways back to the movie. I'm gonna be Dorothy. Dorothy is kind of gonna be like a pita (pain in the a), Anna is gonna be the Scarecrow, which is going to be gothic and burned, My friend Rick is gonna be the puff daddy lion, and my friend Ian is gonna be the Whisky of oz! OH! I forgot to say, in the Whisky of Oz's club, Slash is gonna be there! Not the real slash though:(. My friend is gonna play slash. And last but not least Elizabeth is gonna be the good witch slash director. Please feedback me on how the movie sounds! So excited you checked out my blog! Toodles!

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