Saturday, May 30, 2009

hey it's Jennifer. I love strawberry lumps!!! lolz i know im weird! im hyper!!! im with my friend maddie now and shes awesome!! my goodness shes bothering me to take a pic with her with these hot kanye west sunglasses!!! well i have to fly... going to the pool and goiung to play pool and going to take a pic with mads aka maddie duhhh!!!! morons watevs gtg like i said byeeeeee..... mads is cracking upp and if u ddnt get the mads thing than ur a moronb!!!!! cuz i just said what that means duhhh!!! one more thing that u always have to remember NEVER FORGET!!!!! okkkk?!!?!?!?!?! well obiously ur not going to answer me but watever so wherre was i??? umm mads where was i?!?!?!?!?! she said i was talking about NEVER TO FORGET us me jenny strawberry lumps and mads bluberry lumps tell ur friends!!!! we wanna become famous rockstars or something one day so spread the word pleaseee y am i being so polite thats not like me so u know that i want this really badly so pretty please spread the word for us u morons!!! aka that was from maddie.omg i have to tell u guys a story so listen one day i was at this rich people spa and i was yo stop acting like ur all cool and rich cuz its like stupid u know want i mean???? from bluberry if u dont then go fly a kite aka make sure its pretty cuz u dont want to embarassed by buying a cheapy kite that looks like crud from ur eye!!! ewwww thats nasty man dont say that blueberry ur going to gross everyone out goshh and yes shes blonde shhhhhhh shes SUPER DUPER embarassed about being blonde and did i tell u that shes like really stupid... dont take this presonally to all u nice pretty smart blondes out there reading this blogg haha i love saying that word!!!! okk now a story from blueberry this is what she is saying: so like i was at trader joes "where shpping is a pleasure" i mean u just had to know that anyways back with the story..... and i was like reading this weird/cool dictioinary upside down and then someone comes behind me and slaps me with a piece of meat....(churasco to be exact) and then i was like omg y did u do that btw can i have that steak churasco is mi favorito and for all u gringos out there that means thats my favorite and then i turn around and i burst out laughing........ youll never guess how the person looked u know what ill tell u anyway...... it was a male fat guy (457 pounds to be exact) and he was wearing rainbow clored bunny ears isnt that hilarious??!?!?!?!!? anyways im bored now so im going to go do what i told u in the begining of the blog haha i lovee saying that peace outt remember tell ur friends!!!! U MORONS!!! okkk well byeee and remember our names duhhhhhh!!!!!

-strawberry lumps and bluberry yes thats how u spell it(aka jennifer aka jenny aka jen aka jen jen and maddie aka mads aka mad and my special nick name for her isss drum roll please!!! itsssssss MUMBOOOOO!!!! WOOOOOO round of applause please woops im being twayyyy tooooo pollite!!!) ok u people bore me watever moron get a lifee just kidding u know i love u people no really im a loveable person please blogg us back i love saying that worg toodles adios bye ttyl ttfn chow auviour ok u get the picture thats kinda the only ways i know how to say bye okkkk really now im not kidding byeee!!!!!!!!! peace out


  1. holy cow maddy, what the heck?!

  2. heyy its jenny!! did u like our blog??? who am i kidding of course u LOVED it... u better votee i mean pleasee vote even if its not for my blogg i love saying that word anyways please vote or comment my awesome friend maddie!!! peace